Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beatles, Vietnam, Fox Entertainment, Trump and Glenn Beck! Geez!

I think the world must be nearing its end when I find myself agreeing with Glenn Beck
....AND my guy Bob Dylan is featured in Aarp !!!

But the beginning of this downfall was ALSO when:

1. The Beatles (what their song words taught all was "cool' to say and do and I love the Beatles music don't get me wrong) took over the music world.
2. The Viet Nam War (which brought home the pains of drugs to add to the alcoholism pains already killing family structure). Before that the only place in my little Baltimore world  I ever heard of drugs was Pratt Institute in NY!
3. ALONG WITH Fox Entertainment. I can still remember how classroom behavior changed as the  Fox entertainment  was born and grew through the years  and changed what was considered acceptable to say and public.. Kids became shocked if they were reminded Fart and Ass were not acceptable classroom language.

And now we have my man Trump using  the even bigger F word over and over.
I don't care what he says and does in private. That's between him and God.

So you go Glenn Beck! Me agreeing with Glenn Beck? Scary but true!

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