Saturday, May 7, 2011

What My Mother Left Me

On a brutally windy cold day after a snow in Baltimore on January 24TH of 2004 we buried my mom. Only a few could even make it to the funeral because of the weather. But I will NEVER forget and will always be thankful to our church friends, forever friends and family who got there.
Many days/months/years  later last month I came across this paper in my Bible while getting ready for a Bible study.
Wow! I had written this the night before the funeral. We were so glad she was not suffering anymore but so empty without her here. I still will get the feel to call her on the phone but alas not for now is that possible!

Anyway I started thinking about these points on this pad and thought WOW! How true these thoughts still are! Two added explanations.:
.1. She would always say in her strong tone "Pull yourself together!" to people who felt they were falling apart emotionally ...physically...mentally...and Ha! Ha! they would!
2. We went to Branson when it was new and hot and crowded...we got a motel..out in the boondocks and laughed so hard we cried...from frustration...and fear of not having enough $$$. She in her words..said we are here ...let's go for it! not one show a day but two and sometimes three and we did and learned sometimes you just have to have fun and forget the fears!
3. Lots of people think of Forest Gump as retarded..but I saw him in the movie as a representation of our generation who was there..where the important times in our lives took place..and she was like that...ALWAYS THERE> phone....or visits when we needed her or were at important moments in our lives!

So Mom...we miss you...Happy Mother's Day... We are carrying on YOUR LIST!

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