Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hanky? or Kleenex?

Which are you? A hanky person or a Kleenex person??
I love running into hanky people!
Personally I prefer the  Sam's Club Brand tissues without the softeners added to them.
But hankies take me back in time to the days when you would see someone you now miss open  their pocketbook or reach into their suit pocket and get their new unused handerkerchief. That's why I love seeing people still use them..the back in time thing!... I used to love getting hankies as teacher gifts...I used to love opening them  up at Christmas time and seeing the many beautful colors and textures they came up with. ...I even used to love the boxes they came in... And I miss the people and place memories of the days when they were used by all.
I love seeing people collecting them on Ebay and Etsy. They really are works of art! And wonderful memories of days gone by.

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