Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Ol' teachers never die they just turn into BLOGGERS!
Every morning before I jump into my computer/blogging world I grab my Diet Pepsi and Moon Pie...well not the moon pie any more sob sob.. I am now on CalorieCount and am having to settle for a Ding Dong(fewer calories) and I pull up my ol Blogger Buddy's daily blog post. This is A friend from my Towson University days up in Baltimore who headed north after graduation and developed his educational life and a wonderful marriage in these 50 years since we graduated. I on the other hand headed south into education in Prince William in Virginia and a wild fun marriage even down into Florida.
It is a hoot comparing posts from such two different endings after similar beginnings!
Don't miss his daily blog and especially today's: Fear, Fun and Filoz.

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