Thursday, December 13, 2012

Long Live Paper Christmas Cards Reason #4

From Spotsylvania, VA
When I was a kid growing up in Baltimore,  Christmas cards were so hot the mailmen delivered them  more than once each day and I can even remember deliveries on Sundays for Christmas. It was so exciting wondering who we would hear from next and wondering what the cards would look like.. of course you guessed it...this was the 40s-50s. Reason #4 is....I LOVED and still love the artistic beauty of the paper Christmas cards...their bold this card: Pointsietta red, glossy gold, speckly white...shiny smooth and flaky textures...whirly abstract shapes...or more traditional and just as beautiful religious pics with the nativity scene or  a snow church in a country or city setting...different sizes cards...different shapes cards ...different fonts of their words..all this traveling on the backs in the mailmen bags many many miles and then hung on ribbon, taped on walls or doors to be enjoyed during the entire holiday season!

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