Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Cards Take You Back... Reason #5

I had no idea when I started thinking about Christmas cards I would have these many reasons and this one...the religious one...the real reason for Christmas to join in keeping the paper Christmas cards alive! My husband and I were recently enjoying one of our church's Christmas events and we starting thinking back to the beautiful church services, the Church Christmas plays and musicals, the church friends' events at their homes and ours, our Sunday School party get togethers. And in it  is a long list of good times, good tastes, good sounds and good memories. Each church's memories : From St. James Irvington in Baltimore to  Goshen Baptist church in Spotsylvania to  Zoan Baptist Church in Fredericksburg to  Chancellor Baptist Church in Fredericksburg to Glen Burnie Baptist Church in Glen Burnie to 1st Baptist Church in Riverview and to Simmons Loop Baptist Church in Riverview  are special and  unique. When we get a card from the friends we hold in our hearts from these places it is like it takes us right back there in time and place and makes our days in this season happier!
As a kid I loved looking at how different each artist created the shepherds, the angels, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus...the silence of the night...the lambs and the 3 Kings...
I hope you are also enjoying this month filled with these memories also!

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