Sunday, December 16, 2012

30 Years of Teaching And Friday in Connecticut

30 years of teaching and loving every minute behind me.
And then...Friday... here came another event.
My heart is so sad AGAIN.
I am proud of those teachers and adminstrators. You all honored our profession unlike the sexual perverted teachers down here in Florida and elsewhere who are serving terms in jail.
But I'll tell you this. Every teacher who has taught from the 60's on to their retirement year has seen this coming. And it will come  again and again and again.

Here are a couple of my thoughts ..not to say they are right...just some thoughts for you to think about...and act on or throw out or put on your mental backburners.

1. Think about this: I read this online  and am republishing the link:
Rev. Dwight Longenecker: James Holmes, Alleged Aurora Shooter, Was Possessed By A Demon

Could the demons driven out by Jesus in the Bible in his many experiences be what we call today "mental illness"? I don't know but I do wonder when I look at the faces of the shooters in the paper and on tv and the computer.

2. Think about this:
I wrote this after the Colorado movie killings earlier this year and I repeat it here:
Is it possible for demons to enter your house through your television? I have wondered that a long time. Could it be that shows like Criminal Minds and the CSIs "rev the evil up " to the point that evil/demons can move through space the GOOD Star Trek guys could beam themselves out to other places. Watch and monitor what your kids are watching on your tvs and computers. I am not talking about putting ideas in their heads. I mean could it be demons can move thru the screen into your homes?

3. Think about this:
After 30 years of teaching and watching the kids change in those/these years I have been expecting something like this long before now. It's only begun. Til the next generations feel the effect of being out from under their parents/grandparents umbrellas of protection of belief and prayers.

4. And finally:
Gun control will never change things.  Concentrating on developing FAITH of your choice in your children at home and school and church is the only hope. Stop obsessing on giving them all the "stuff" they want and instead fill  their "holes in their souls" with faith experiences and thoughts instead. Then maybe they won't strike out on others they don't even know. Don't wait til events like this to develop faith in your kids. Build it as wisely as you develop their home, clothes and toys.

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