Friday, July 15, 2011

Facebook Giving Your Iphone Contacts & Nos to People Blocked Out of Your Page By Friends Only


Your Facebook account has a Facebook Phonebook page for each user that displays contacts(which are ALL your names and numbers listed on your iphone) you have imported from your Iphone( possibly without you even realizing it) when  you synced your mobile phone to Facebook , as well as your Facebook friends & their phone numbers if they put them on their info. Facebook says If you would like to remove your mobile contacts from your Facebook account, you need to disable the feature on your mobile phone and visit Facebook's Remove Imported Contacts page.Meanwhile THEY ARE GIVING ALL your NAMES & NOS IN YOUR ENTIRE IPHONE LIST TO anyONE you have blocked OUT with your FRIENDS ONLY privacy settings on your Facebook page. Sounds a little illegal to me! I had no clue it was going on.

I happened to be sitting next to someone today who had her mobile phone and was trying to "Friend" me and it said No one with that name . I tried her name and the same thing happened. The first time it had ever happened to her! She has Friended many people on her mobile phone as I had also done on my computer at home.

But what happened next was the most surprising of all. Up on her phone popped the message: Here are some of Sandy's friends that you might like to invite to be friends even though you are unable to invite Sandy. Before our very eyes were ALL MY PERSONAL  PRIVATE NAMES AND THEIR PHONE NUMBERS that are on my iphone's contact list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This doesn't make sense. Why would they give that personal info to people blocked out with Friends Only privacy settings!!!!

Verizon (our service) and Apple (our Iphone) had never heard of anything like this!

But there is NO WAY to contact Facebook by phone. If Amazon and Ebay have phone numbers Facebook can and should be required to do so! No phone number is unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I removed my Iphone's Facebook app and also removed imported contacts on my facebook page. I left my friended Facebook names and numbers on that page because the only way to remove them was to UNFRIEND them and I didn't want to unfriend my friends!

PLEASE FORWARD THIS INFORMATION TO ALL your mobile phone friends on Facebook you can. A very serious flaw in Facebook's Iphone App! in my opinion!

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