Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bye! Bye! Facebook!

Yep...did it... Facebook is a place with no phone number to call with concerns. It is a place that gives your friends and relatives names and phone numbers from your mobile phone to others without their permission. While closing down my Facebook account tonight and deleting everything... I have started to wonder if there really are people there at Facebook or is it just a machine? Does it have a conscience or concerns for anyone? In face what IS its purpose?
I have permanently deleted it from my daily activities. Weird and wonderful feeling! So now I am even downsizing my techy stuff! Ha! Ha! Who woulda thought!
Watch out next generation....  Facebook has too much control over your personal lives with no accountability. DON'T WAIT TIL  IT IS TOO LATE to make it accountable and honorable. With no accountability it could make the recent Wall Street Crash look like a nothing event.

And check out one of my favorite writer's blog entries today: David Meerman Scott:

Geez! Just when you think your home phones are not in as much jeopardy as our mobile phones!

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