Monday, February 4, 2013

Ravens, Superbowl and Boomer Afterthoughts

Ravens...what a ride you gave us this year!

Thank you! Thank you! Whew! What a game last night!

Ray Lewis...thank you for what you have given to Baltimore! Good luck in  your next stage of life. Retirement  at 37! Ha! Ha!

Joe Flacco...thank you for your performances in the games since you joined the Ravens! Watching you is so exciting just like when we  watched  Johnny Unitas! 

All the Ravens! Thank you for looking at the win as a team!


CBS ... better take a look back at Boomer's words and body language last night! You can do better than him! He was soooo  insulting to Shannon Sharp's interview of Ray Lewis , the people of Baltimore and the Raven fans. Remind him the Bible says don't judge others...leave it up to God. I bet if we looked into Boomer's  background we would find some shady doings just like all of us. Check out Boomer's  demeaning tone and words to Rachel Ray during her food prep feature...she didn't react back to him like I would have. I would have dumped the food right on him. His demeaning comments to the other announcers to stop focusing on Ray Lewis. Maybe in the future for the games you can round up some non-partial announcers to do the Ravens games. They and the people of Baltimore deserved better. I think  you should give Boomer the award for the best pompous pufferbelly!

I thought Beyonce was as beautiful as ever but I thought  the performance had too much squeezed in the time and the quality of the sound came through tvs muffled.

Commercials: too too  many! It actually took away from the enjoyment of each commercial.

Well back to the real world of Nutrisystem and sleep apnea machines til next  year's football season!

Guess we gotta check out the Orioles' spring training season here in Sarasota and go get a Baltimore moment!

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