Sunday, February 19, 2012

William Shatner, Randy Travis & Toshiba

Shatner ... Travis ... & Toshiba!!!

These three kept popping back into my mind again and again this week...
William Shatner ...on Good Morning America this past week... talking about his new NY show...50 years from being there the last time. He is 80!
Randy Travis doing a 25 year tour around  the southern states.
Our 15 + year old Toshiba tv...big, clunky, heavy and dependable..traveled with us from Va to Md to Fl...great pics very dependable...died this past week..

Each of these has given me so many happy comfortable safe moments!!!...  Shatner with his old Star Trek tv shows...he could out think, out wit, anything that came his way! His brains, looks and sexy humor! Whew! Still there!
Randy Travis's  songs' words and deep voice telling us he would love us forever and ever  ...listening to him on my way home from school flying down route 95 in the days of cb's letting  you know where the smokies were..HA!...made your heart laugh and sing right along with him. These sissy country male singers of today have no clue how pitiful they are next to HIS VOICE! Wish he was coming over near Tampa but he is going to be in other parts of the state...   And then there is our old after day never letting  us down after a hard day at work ..comfort.. togetherness..a feeling.. a security in our lumpy old sofas enjoying whatever the heck we wanted to watch knowing for a short time we were safe from the worries of that day! When the Toshiba died this week it was like loosing one of the family...and then to make matters worse .. we had to venture out into the new world of LEDs and LCDs and HDs.and make tough was like going out to another planet without Shatner's and Nemoy's beam equipment to get us home safely with the RIGHT tv...but we eventually did it! Got us a new Vizio big enough to read the words from across the street...clear enough to think the people in the screen are stepping into our room and beautiful sounds exciting to our ears just like Randy's voice bringing back really cool memories from our child raising years!

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