Friday, February 10, 2012

One Steve Jobs Too Many!

No. 1 on my bucket list of books I am reading this year! Don't miss it!
This book is being sold because our daughter and son-in-law got the same book from us and another person. I have my own copy which I love! They kept their own copy and we are putting this on Ebay for others to enjoy. When we bought it, it arrived with a skuff/surface wear spot on the top side of the pages. But other than that it is great shape.

 Everyone who is over 30 should not miss it. It brings to the reader where we were in the 60s/70s and how we got where we are now with all our techy stuff here in 2012. Simply amazing! And he was such a big part of it.
Check it out here:  SOLD ...ON ITS WAY TO A NEW HOME...

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