Saturday, April 29, 2017

Return to Quilting

I woke up on this warmer and sunny morning and declared to myself mentally (not out loud) that I have reached a point on my downsizing journey that I am far enough along packing up Florida and unpacking Virginia and online selling on Ebay, Etsy and Amazon and brick and mortar selling in Colonial Beach and writing online in my 12 BlogSpot blogs  that I could also return to another of my past loves: quilting!
I have learned that the best and fastest way to review and catch up on anything is to do it on YouTube so that is what I keyed in on my Vizio smart tv and found my ol fav Melanie Hamm for my first quilting video but then I came across a Tiny house preppers video on quilting. On the video she explains Her sister had sent her EVERYTHING she would need to quilt in their rv tiny house.

FLORIDA BIBLE STUDY QUILTING BUDDIES don't miss this video! You should see the well done and creative and colorful she and her sister did!
Especially the Bible holder and thingies that hold bowls in the microwave to name a few. Her youtube video channel is about smaller living homes but the quilting video one gives me hope!:)
Here is the link:

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