Monday, March 27, 2017

Arthur Godfrey... King of Talk Radio

I must confess I am an addict to real time tv/Netflix,Amazon/YOu  tubevlog of resellers and to binging on a whole season of shows like Downton Abby, West Wing, Hart of Dixie and Gilmore Girls!
Well for all you youngsters, this guy started my addiction. He was my first "talk" radio show I listened to when I was a kid. He connected with real things happening at that time. He raved about the beauty of flights over Baltimore City Christmas lights at night. He talked about his horses in Leesburg, and loved Hawaii. He made you feel like you were there with you. He brought young entertainers on and made them stars with the way he made you like them. When he moved on to the newcomer, tv including me followed!
He had such power over his listeners and worked it well!
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