Saturday, April 26, 2014



Now here is a group of government workers earning their salaries!
While my lawn cutting company and I are trying to find out if my sprinkler system is working correctly  at the time and day we put into the system they are out on the job letting me know that while we programmed in Tuesdays and Fridays they found  "evidence of recent sprinkler operation" at 6:28 am on Wed the 23rd  and letting me know in this letter if this happens again they can fine me up to $500.00! They let me know ONLY TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS !
Now this happened on Wed April 22, 2014 and they mailed this letter to me on the 23rd. I wonder if they were out there to see if this happened BEFORE midnight or after midnight so I know if my sprinkler is broken or not. All this accomplished in less than a week!
And let me tell you this dept also helped me here:
Several weeks ago I grabbed my mail and headed to help a friend in a medical emergency situation in Bradenton. While there I opened all my mail having faith I didn't have to check every piece to see if it was REALLY MY mail. To my surprise I saw this same dept was turning my water off two days previous to this reading due to a $400+ bill that was not paid! What???? I had never had a bill over $150! Looking more closely I saw that it was actually a bill for my neighbor. I did not have their phone number with me so I thought Why I can just call this dept and explain and they will surely help me by calling to help my neighbor get this news.
So I called and was told curtly that I broke the law opening other people's mail and that they couldn't divulge personal information. When I told them in a loud frustrated voice stating that they were not interested in HELPING their citizens they let me know in a smart ass tone that not to worry the people had already come in and paid the correct amount.
This department should be examined as to how they get their duties done so quickly!
Why I bet we could save enough money to buy newer  school buses to deliver our school childen in safer buses if all our government depts could be  this fast amd efficient!  
 Let's move these water sprinkler spies over to watching for unsafe school buses. 
Let's have  them spy   on those applying for  our teacher positions BEFORE they are hired  so they can find  the very few sexual perverts we have hired in our school system before they get hired.
This group  could surely "Git the job done"!

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