Thursday, October 24, 2013


I couldn't believe it! Yesterday a friend of mine and I  went shopping in Costco in Brandon Florida. It was hard enough for her being there because she had recently lost her husband of 38 years and they had enjoyed many happy shopping trips to this very store. So it was hard going back without him.  Anyway, while putting her items on the area to be checked out she avoided a wet area in case it was from meat and might be unhealthy. The clerk pushed her items into the wet area and she pushed them back and told the clerk why. At the same time a customer behind her reached up and rammed  her items back into the meat leaked wet area. She couldn't believe it! Didn't say anything but just looked at him and then proceeded forward. After moving to the door to leave and waiting for the clerk there to get all ahead of her checked out, she was hit very  hard from behind by a cart filled very high with stuff and the same angry man who had butt in and pushed her bagel items into the wet area. Again she just looked at him and his other people who laughed.Sadly they laughed and he didn't even apologize. She also realized the force of the hit was way more than the force if he had just been moving normally.  She turned back and continued leaving the store on  her daily journey through grief of loss of her best friend and companion and thinking what he would have done if he had been there with her. But none of this would have happened if Costco had kept their check outs free of liquids and had clerks moving faster checking people out at their doors.
Why did I post this...because of the lack of kindness and  patience of this jerk is really scary. My first thought was to pray to God  when this jerk looses his spouse and is in  Costco the first time afterwards he gets hit by another rager twice as hard.  But God wouldn't want that. He would want us to show the behavior this guy lacked.
Just  yesterday on the Tampa/Bradenton/Brandon tv news they covered a case where a Walmart customer punched out an elderly cashier right in the head while he was trying to get away without paying. But a young man checking out behind this guy had come to the rescue of the assaulted cashier and chased the culprit down and they caught him. Interestingly enough this young man who jumped in and helped said he was only recently out of jail himself for stealing and now felt differently.

So what's the lesson here: be careful shopping during the holidays. Bullying and shopping cart rage are now out there in our box stores.

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