Monday, September 12, 2011

They Are Here! First of These Birds Sighted This Year!

Yes! We saw our first when we  were coming out of our local Burger King yesterday after church and there they were. Green station wagon packed totally in back seats to within 1 foot from the top with a dog wagging his happy tail on top of the packed stuff! In the front a man in the passenger seat with the widest smile ever! Told him his dog was cute and he said the dog was a great traveler. Asked him the big question: Are you snowbirds? He said Yep....just got in from Michigan! We had never seen one in September before...mostly October is our first sightings month! Ha! Welcome Snowbirds! We used to be one of you too! Til we just couldn't face any more snow shovelings and cold temps! We warned him to be careful he might end up not going back and he agreed!

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